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All Health Clear Waterproof Transparent Dressing Wound Cover, 2.36 in X 2.75 in, 16 Count


  • For protecting minor abrasions, cuts, burns, blisters, scrapes & post-surgical incisions
  • Seals out dirt and other contaminants (barrier to Staph & MRSA)
  • Stays on in bath and shower
  • Barrier to Staph and MRSA
  • U.S.A Manufacturing

POSTOP MEDICAL WEAR 50pcs Showerproof Transparent Adhesive Film Dressings Clear Wound Bandages Protectors for Shower Tatoo Burns Abdominal C Section After Back Hip Knee Surgery 4 x Inch (Pack of 50)


  • SUITABLE FOR TATTOO AFTER CARE – The adhesive bandage for tattoo have assorted size for choice, can use for most tattoo sizes. If you get a tattoo these are paramount to quick healing. Helped in healing process. Used it to keep tattoo covered, decreased peeling/healing time in half. also it helps to decrease the risk of infection. This keeps your ink clean, all while keeping your clothes clean. Great for as a default for Tattoos aftercare.
  • TRANSPARENT SEE THRU DESIGN – Transparent waterproof film dressing suits for wounds protection. From large open wound pressure ulcers ulcerated type TKR ankle port post surgical care to road rash c section knee hip shoulder replacement etc. It helped tremendously with the pain, itching and seeping. Its also see thru so you can see the healing progress without removing, and you can see that there’s infection developing or not. meanwhile it makes easy to see when the bandage needs to be changed.
  • WATER TIGHT & SEALS WELL, STICKY – Always secures dressing port/blood glucose sensor in place perfectly, protects it from water. nothing came close to soaking through to the device/catheter or the wounds. Cover an insision after a surgical procedure to keep it dry, which makes taking a shower like a breeze. Covers well, seals the wound nicely. Extra sticky adheres well. It’s a superb adhesive for a substantial dressing. Suits for covering chest central line while shower.
  • USING INSTRUCTIONS – The first step, cleaning the skin, shaved the area if needed and make sure dressing site is completely dry. Second step, peel off the white release paper. Third step, stick the disposable post surgical transparent film dressing covers on your skin. Forth step, peel off the hard plastic cover on top. Final step, press around to sung fit your skin better.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE – the transparent dressing cover allows comfortable routine movements, so you can do what you want to do, facilitating the normal work or study; The polyurethane film that uses acrylic adhesive to securely latch onto skin without causing uncomfortable feeling. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you’re not thrilled with your purchase for any reason, just tell us and we will do our best to give you the most satisfactory solution.

Tegaderm Transparent Dressing, 6 x 8 Inch, 10 Count


  • Pack of 10 dressings
  • Thin, clear sterile dressing that keeps out water, dirt and germs
  • Dimensions of 6 inches x 8 inches
  • Sterile film dressing with excellent oxygen and moisture permeability
  • For use on minor abrasions skin and pressure ulcers donor sites and closed surgical wounds

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Transparent Film Dressing, Waterproof Wound Bandage, Adhesive Patch, 2.75” W X 2.36” L, 100 Pack, Clear, Breathable, Comfortable, Shower Shield, Tattoo Aftercare.


  • ✅Transparent Film Dressing is clear, breathable, comfortable to protect your wound carefully or device fixing.
  • ✅Idea for abrasions, cuts, scrapes, minor burns, blisters, post-surgical incision, tattoo aftercare, also fix instrument, catheter, measuring device & probes, secure non-adhesive or low adherenet primary dressing.
  • ✅ Hypoallergenic Adhesive & Latex Free to creat the perferct environment for healing wounds faster.
  • ✅ Unique soft & conformable thin film dressing fits your body contours, permits free movement without stress on the skin like your second skin.
  • ✅Easy to be used as a must-have waterproof bandage for first aid kits at home. Each patch is individual package & total 100pcs in the box.

48PCS Transparent Film Dressing 4″x4 3/4”, Adhesive Waterproof Wound Cover Bandage Tape Wound Seal for Swimming, Post Surgical, Scar Therapy, Medical Supplies, Tattoo Dressings


  • Transparent Film Dressing: The thin film dressing is lightweight and transparent, it has good permeability and excellent viscosity, allows you to observe the condition of wound site without removing the dressing, reducing pain; It’s flexible and conforms to body curves and movement for long lasting use
  • Wide Application: The transparent film is ideal for abrasion, cut, scrape, minor burn, blister, post-surgical incision, tattoo aftercare, also fix instrument, catheter, measuring device & probes, secure non-adhesive or low adherent primary dressing
  • Unique Design: Unique picture frame style is easy to apply, allowing for one-handed application and less dressing waste. It can be cut to any size and keeping out moisture and dirt, and allows for faster healing.
  • Breathable & Comfortable: Breathable film allows for exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen while providing a moist wound environment for enhanced healing. Sterile, waterproof film dressing provides a barrier to outside contaminants while allowing the patient to shower
  • Notes: This transparent film dressing is Not belong to 3m brands, If you need name brand film dressing, pls do not order it in case of disappointed

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Transparent Film Dressing 4” x 4.75”, 50 Pack Waterproof Wound Clear Bandage, Comfortable Adhesive Film Dressing for Post Surgical Shower or IV Shield, Tattoo Aftercare


  • 💦HYGENIC WATERPROOF BARRIER– Our transparent waterproof film measuring 4” x 4.75” serves as a great safeguard for your wounds or IV entry. It creates a sanitary, breathable environment to prevent infection and speed up wound recovery while keeping the wound out of the water in your shower.
  • 💦WIDE APPLICATIONS– Using this transparent dressing allows you to easily check the healing progress of a covered wound. Ideal for Superficial wounds such as abrasions and skin ulcer surgical incisions, Minor burns, Tattoo aftercare, also fix instruments, catheters, IV sites, Catheters sites.
  • 💦HOSPITAL GRADE– Product quality is our first and highest priority! The hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive dressing is friendly to all types of skin and minimizes the allergy.
  • 💦FLEXIBLTE & COMFORTABLE– Unique Soft & Conformable Thin-film dressing fits your body contours, Frame style allows customization of shape and size to fit any site.
  • 💦EASY ON AND REMOVAL– Are you tired of fumbling with gauze and tape? This transparent dressing is a convenient alternative, allowable for one-handed application. No more lifting the gauze and dressing to check the wound status.

72 Pieces Transparent Adhesive Bandage Waterproof Stretch Adhesive Bandage Clear Adhesive Bandages Dressing, 6 x 6 Inches


  • What you get: you will get 72 pieces of waterproof adhesive bandages, each of which measures approx. 6 x 6 inches in size and does not need cutting
  • Comfortable to use: featuring 3 layers, each adhesive waterproof bandage is consisted of PU film, adhesive, and release paper; The clear bandage is self-adherent with nice ventilation, easy to apply and remove, bring a comfort to your skin
  • Waterproof design: the clear adhesive bandages are made of waterproof material to protect your skin from water, allows your shower or swimming as usual
  • Function: the bandage dressing tapes are intended to keep your skin from external friction and moisture, suitable for various occasions
  • Nice performance: transparent stretch tape can protect skin from further friction or scrubbing; Flexible material enables you to move as usual at will

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NeuHeils Transparent Film Dressing 2 3/8” x 2 3/4”, 100 Pack, Waterproof Wound Cover Bandage, Clear IV Catheter Tape, Adhesive Patch


  • ✅Provide protection to abrasion, cut, scrape, minor burn, small wound, post-surgical incision. Also secure instrument, catheter, measure device, probes & low adherent primary dressing, like pain patch, transdermal patches. Don’t use big wounds like pressure ulcer stage I & II.
  • ✅Transparent film dressing is clear to easy watch your wound site or device. It’s also breathable, comfortable to protect your wound carefully or device.
  • ✅The waterproof and shower poof extra thin film is to perfect for your daily shower or swimming activity. Keep out of dirty & liquid, permit free movement without stretch like your second skin.
  • ✅Hypoallergenic adhesive and latex free. It’s a must-have wound care bandage for first aid kits, 100 pieces per box.
  • ✅Don’t stretch this film bandage while applying, peel the dressing back rather than pull it up when removing dressing.

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Houseables Tattoo Bandage Roll, Waterproof Adhesive Dressing Wrap, 4″ x 11 Yards, Clear, Transparent Wound Film, Plastic Cover Tape, for Aftercare, Healing, Recovery, Care, Protective Skin Shield


  • KEEP WOUNDS CLEAN WHILE YOU HEAL: Our transparent film dressing is designed to maintain a waterproof barrier around your wound, preventing bacteria and fluids from entering.
  • FIT TO YOUR NEEDS: This roll measures 4IN x 11YD total. You can tailor the fit to the length you need to dress your injury.
  • STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Our transparent film dressings have malleable qualities so that you are given the utmost comfort as you heal. Full range of motion is achievable with our flexible film dressings.
  • SANITATION, ABOVE ALL ELSE: Our dressings will keep your wound on the path of healing with their ability to keep all unsanitary elements far from your injury. Hygiene is the most important factor when trying to nurse yourself or someone else back to health – and we know it.
  • ABLE TO EXPOSE TO WATER: Houseables’ bandages are waterproof so that medical patients can easily go through their daily cleanliness routine without worrying about having to replace their coverings more often than is recommended.

Transparent Film Wound Dressing Cover – (10) Gauze Free – Waterproof Bandage – 6 x 8 inches (15 x 20cm) – Breathable Shower Moisture Barrier for Catheters Ports Tattoo Supply – Swimming Bath


  • Waterproof and breathable film – covers wounds quickly and safely!
  • Great for covering Wounds Abrasions Ports and Catheters – 100% waterproof design
  • Pack of 10 dressings – Sterile film dressing with excellent oxygen and moisture permeability. – For use on minor abrasions skin and pressure ulcers donor sites and closed surgical wounds.
  • A Skin like thin, sterile transparent film dressing that keeps out water, dirt, viruses and germs yet is breathable in the affected area. Pack of 10 dressings – Dimensions of 6 inches x 8 inches. Sterile film dressing with excellent oxygen and moisture permeability. – For use on minor abrasions skin and pressure ulcers donor sites and closed surgical wounds.
  • With a gentle adhesive on one side, it is impermeable to liquids and designed to be applied directly over clean skin or wounds.

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