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Wire Duct Cutter from Electriduct, Inc


    wire duct cutter rail duct cutter cutting wire rail cutter easy cut for wire duct


    • Cut wire duct, rail duct width from 1-100mm
    • No deburring necessary, clean cuts
    • Little force required for operation
    • Fast, Accurate Cuts
    • 90 or 45 degrees cutting

    Pay attention to duct cutter with wire products detail

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    Panduit DCT Heavy-Duty Steel Duct Cutting Tool


    • Heavy-Duty steel tool incorporates a new, improved blade design, which minimizes cutting force and blade wear
    • Provides a smooth burr-free cut on both wiring duct and cover
    • Easily cuts any PANDUCT duct & cover
    • Country of origin: Japan

    Klein Tools 89554 HVAC Tool, Wire Cutters and Fiberglass, Fiber Board and Flexible Duct Cutters in One


    • All-steel double edge blade easily cuts fiber board, fiberglass lined, and flexible ducts
    • Built-in wire cutter for convenience
    • Compound leverage mechanism for easy wire cutting
    • Comfortable, contoured grips cover hardened steel handles
    • All-steel construction and nickel-chrome plated hardware provides long life and durability
    • Convenient self-opening latch for one handed operation
    • Designed for HVAC professionals who want superior results

    Malco FDC1 Flex Duct Cutter With Wire Cutter


    • Built-in wire cutter
    • Double edged blade
    • Cuts from either direction
    • Fine honed blade
    • Pierces through outer skin and insulation

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    Malco FDC2 4-3/8 in. Cut Capacity 12 in. Flex Duct Shear with Built-in Wire Cutter


    • Thumb Operated Latch
    • Smooth Scissor Action
    • Heavy Duty Wire Cutter
    • Cuts insulated flexible round duct
    • Also cuts the duct liner’s wire rib coil

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    Jieotwice PVC Trunking Cutter, Heavy Manual Plastic Wiring Duct 45° 90°Angle Adjustable Cutting Machine Electrician Special Cutting Device


    • Made of high-quality materials
    • Labor-saving design handle, high work efficiency
    • The slider can adjust the width
    • Sharp blade, neat cutting without burrs
    • The cutter lock screw design is convenient to carry and use, and it is safer to use

    Multi Angle Miter Shear Cutter, Multifunctional Adjustable Angle Scissors Shear Multi Angle Wire Duct Cutter Hand Scissors Trim Tool ,45-135 Degree Adjustable Angle Scissors Trim


    • 45 -135 Degrees cutting angle with clear marking to adjust free to cut the trunking to different shapes when needed.
    • Sharp sturdy blade designed for cutting material thicknesses under 1/4 inch such as chamfer, round molds, trunking and PVC strips, rubber strips, molding, a weatherstrip. (Notice this shear is not suitable for cutting metal).
    • Strong and durable integrated handle is made of aluminum alloy and PPC anti-skid cover. Comfortable grip no hand fatigue for long-term use.
    • The turn clasp closure is easy to close and open, safe and convenient, you don’t need to worry about being accidentally scratched by the blade.
    • replaceable blade 10pcs. Notice this shear is not suitable for cutting metal and stainless steel.

    The best place to buy duct cutter with wire products are from an established, reputable retailer

    Choosing the right retailer to buy duct cutter with wire products can be difficult, but there are many factors that can help you make your decision.

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    Rennsteig Wiring Duct Cutter with Support for Plastic Panels, Baseboards and Cable Ducts – Up to 4 1/2-Inch Depth


    • For cleanly cutting plastic panels, baseboards and cable ducts
    • Very good cutting performance right out to the blade tip
    • Length: 280mm

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